Notable Reviews

Austenesque Reviews (November 2011) – review by Meredith Esparza “I adore Ms. Mason-Milks’ writing; she had me so wholly engrossed in the characters that I couldn’t put the book down.”

Indie Jane (December 2011) – review by Jess Melendez “Mr. Darcy’s Proposal is very well written and I think will be a favorite with many Austenesque readers for its sensitive and touching treatment of Mr. Darcy.”

My Little Corner of the World (December 2011) – review by Erlynn “…the dialogue is fast-paced and aggressive.”

Reflections of a Book Addict (February 2012) – review by Kimberley Denny-Ryder “Love is HARD WORK- Jane Austen got that.  Her characters were given incredible challenges and personal conflicts that they overcame to earn the love they so deserved.  Novelist Susan Mason-Milks decides to keep the idea of working at love alive in her debut novel, Mr. Darcy’s Proposal.”

Austen Inspired Fan Fiction (February 2012) – review by Jakki Leatherberry “Throughout the book, Mason-Milks does a great job of showing rather than telling. Whether it’s tea stains on the carpet, horseback riding, fun games splashing in the water, or telling secrets, the scenes are real, vivid, and memorable.”

Austenprose (March 2012) – review by Lucy Warriner “…a satisfying and honest retelling of P&P that maintains respect for the novel’s characters.”

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