Pride and Prejudice: Scenes Jane Austen Never Wrote

It’s here! ┬áThe P&P200 Project has been published as a book. It’s in ebook format and also print.

This is not a novel. It is a unique collection of the back stories of Pride and Prejudice. What was Darcy thinking when Elizabeth and Jane left Netherfield? What was it like at Longbourn as the sisters prepared for the Netherfield ball? Did Jane forget Mr. Bingley when he didn’t return?

On Sale January 8th to 11th!



For the answers to these questions and much more, get your copy today. It’s on sale for just $0.99 from January 8th to the 11th. That’s a bargain. The book is over 700 pages long. It’s designed so you can read cover to cover or just the chapters that interest you. Mr. Darcy’s Proposal is also part of this special sale along with books!



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