The Darcy Brothers – A New Reader’s Choice Story on Austen Variations

Austen Variations have started a new Reader’s Choice story called “The Darcy Brothers.” What if Fitzwilliam Darcy had a younger brother? It’s an interesting idea that we’re going to explore with some help from our readers. At the end of each chapter, readers will have the opportunity to vote for one of several possible directions for the story. Sound like fun?

His name is Theophilus Darcy or Theo. He’s a younger son and not at all like his brother Fitzwilliam. In fact, he sometimes refers to his older brother as Prince William or simply His Highness. You can see he has a sense of humor!

This time we’re also using other social media. Theo has his own blog where his correspondence is posted. You can sign up to “follow” Theo’s blog so you’ll receive an email every time a new letter is posted. You can also make comments and ask questions. Several of the authors involved in the project will be writing Theo’s letters and responding to comments left by readers.

The first letter was to his dear friend, Sir Montgomery Preston. Theo also writes regularly to his little sister, Georgiana so you’ll see letters to her on the blog, too. Theo has his own twitter account (@Theo_Darcy) if you would care to follow him. Other characters in the story will also have twitter accounts and will be tweeting from time to time.

The first Reader’s Choice story which began earlier this year and ended in September was a great success not to mention lots of fun. The story took some unexpected twists and turns thanks to our readers! Please join us and follow the exploits of Theo Darcy. Here’s a link to the first chapter.

The authors contributing to this project are: Abigail Reynolds, Maria Grace, Monica Fairview, Cassandra Grafton, Regina Jeffers and yours truly, Susan Mason-Milks.

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