Why Write Jane Austen What-If Stories

If you love Jane Austen, then — like me — you probably wish she’d lived long enough to write more than just six books. When I finish reading one of her stories, I often want to spend more time with the characters I’ve come to love. I know I’m not alone in this. There are thousands of Austen fans and fanatics who are writing fan fiction — new stories using Austen’s characters. Often they’re ‘alternate’ or ‘What if…’ stories. Sometimes they are sequels or prequels or they create “missing” scenes from one of her novels.

So I began the adventure of writing a novel using characters from Pride and Prejudice. Like other fan fiction, I’ve taken the plot in a slightly different direction. Maybe someday, I’ll write something using my own characters — and I’ve got lots of ideas — but for now, for fun and practice I’m “borrowing” Miss Austen’s characters to create a new story.

Check out my story, “Mr. Darcy’s Proposal,” by clicking on the link above.


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