Mr. Darcy’s Proposal Reviewed on Austenprose!

Mr. Darcy’s Proposal received 4 out of 5 Regency stars in the latest review on Austenprose. Reviewer Lucy Warriner calls it “…a satisfying and honest retelling of P&P that maintains respect for the novel’s characters.”

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Two Notable Reviews in February!

In February, Mr. Darcy’s Proposal received two wonderful reviews on blogs.

The first was by Kimberly Denny-Ryder on her site Reflections of a Book Addict.

“Love is HARD WORK- Jane Austen got that.  Her characters were given incredible challenges and personal conflicts that they overcame to earn the love they so deserved.  Novelist Susan Mason-Milks decides to keep the idea of working at love alive in her debut novel, Mr. Darcy’s Proposal. Mason-Milks asks my favorite question when it comes to Jane Austen fan fiction: what if?  This time, we’re treated to the question of what would happen to Lizzy and Darcy if he had not proposed due to circumstances beyond his control?” – from Kimberly’s review

Also, in February, Mr. Darcy’s Proposal was reviewed by Jakki Leatherberry on Austen Inspired Fan Fiction by Mary Simonsen.

“Throughout the book, Mason-Milks does a great job of showing rather than telling. Whether it’s tea stains on the carpet, horseback riding, fun games splashing in the water, or telling secrets, the scenes are real, vivid, and memorable.” – from Jakki’s review

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Need a Little More Darcy in Your Day?

Today Maria Grazia interviews me on My Jane Austen Book Club about Mr. Darcy’s Proposal, Pride and Prejudice, and of course, Mr. Darcy. Please visit! If you’d like to win a copy of Mr. Darcy’s Proposal, post a comment from February 3 to the 10th. One print book and one ebook will be given away.

Maria had some great questions for me including: What is so special that makes Mr. Darcy a hero beyond time?; Was Jane Austen more of a romantic girl or a matter-of-fact woman?; and What aspect in Mr. Darcy’s Proposal do you especially highlight in your version of Pride and Prejudice?

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Happy Birthday, Jane!

In honor of Jane Austen’s birthday, I designed a special birthday card for her. Just click on Jane’s Card to hear it. Please join me in wishing Miss Austen a very Happy Birthday!

Don’t forget to visit Austen Authors for more fun for Jane’s birthday.

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Get More Darcy for the Holidays!

…And who doesn’t need more Darcy for the holidays or for any time for that matter. This week brings not one but two great reviews of Mr. Darcy’s Proposal.

The first was on My Little Corner of the World by Erlynn who says, “Is something wrong with me? I have no idea why I love having my heart wrenched inside-out every time Darcy and Elizabeth misunderstand or verbally abuse one another, but I love it and this novel provided plenty of it!” The conflict between Darcy and Elizabeth and the sparks that fly have always been a big part of what makes these two characters so fascinating. She also says, “…although the book is lengthy, it flies by because the dialogue is fast paced and aggressive.”

Indie Jane gives it four out of five stars. The reviewer, Jess, calls it “…a strong and fully realized alternate path for Pride and Prejudice.” Jess also says, “Mr. Darcy’s Proposal is very well written and I think will be a favorite with many Austenesque readers for its sensitive and touching treatment of Mr. Darcy.” This review includes a book giveaway – both print and ebook. So if you’d like a little to kick back over the holidays and lose yourself in a new Pride and Prejudice what-if story, check out Indie Jane for the rules on entering to win. It’s open until December 19th and it’s easy!

My thanks to both of these ladies for their excellent and thoughtful reviews!

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Interview With Dara Girard

Bestselling romance writer Dara Girard has been gracious enough to do an interview with me for her blog. Dara contacted me after reading about the launch of Mr. Darcy’s Proposal on Jayne Ann Krentz’s Facebook page in September. Because she’s a big fan of Jane Austen, Dara was intrigued and wanted to know more about the book and about me. Please stop by and check it out! She asked me some really thought provoking questions!

Dara has a book coming out this month called The Five Daughters of Winston Barnett which she describes as Pride and Prejudice meets Fiddler on the Roof with a Jamaican-Amercian twist!

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4.5 Stars for Mr. Darcy’s Proposal

Mr. Darcy’s Proposal received 4.5 out of 5 stars in a review on Austenesque Reviews. If you’d like to win a copy of my book, all you have to do is stop by and comment on the review. It’s open worldwide and will close on November 21st.


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