Please, Mr. Darcy – Cover Reveal!

While I’m toiling away on completing the book, I wanted to share the new cover of Please, Mr. Darcy with you. It’s so beautiful! The story of how I found this photo is quite interesting in itself. I had wanted to use another old portrait from the Regency period but couldn’t find just the right one. So many have already been used by other authors! I used Bing to search for something like “Regency dresses” and was directed to Flickr where I found a page called Hathaways of Haworth. Further digging revealed that the photos were of costumes designed by Lyn-Marie Cunliff who also has a storefront on Etsy called Abigail’s Ateliers.

The photos on Flickr show amazing costumes from many different historical periods including what I was looking for – Regency. I found several possibilities and contacted Lyn to explore obtaining permission to use one of these on my cover. I was thrilled when she said I could do that as long as I gave credit in the book – which of course, I am very happy to do!

Next, I sent several of the possible photos to Leslie Newman, a designer I’ve known for years and who did my first book cover (which I’m still in love with). The result is this lovely unique cover that is so different from my first book. It looks fresh and inviting and I’ve received so much positive feedback on it!

You’ll find an excerpt from Please, Mr. Darcy on Writings and Ramblings of Colette Saucier.

I’m hoping for a release in late December or early January! Now back to work!

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3 Responses to Please, Mr. Darcy – Cover Reveal!

  1. Ooh! I love the cover, Susan! Green is my favorite color! Love that the woman in the picture is interacting with the shrubbery – I can picture Lizzy doing something just like that on one of her rambles!

  2. Susan says:

    Thanks, Meredith! It reminded me of Lizzy out walking, too.

  3. Lyn Cunliffe says:

    Hi ,
    Hope all is going well .
    Its Lyn Marie,I was not sure if you knew we moved house so I wanted to let you have our new address Its
    Iona 54 Braithewait road,Keighley West yorks,
    I closed my Etsy shop as I have hand problems that have made sewing very hard .