An “Austenesque” Lunch

Left to right: Me, Christina, Meredith, Katherine, Laurel, Shannon

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Meredith Esparza, who writes the blog Austenesque Reviews, to let me know she would be in Seattle over Labor Day weekend and would like to meet some Austen-related authors in the Puget Sound area. Would I be interested in meeting her? Yes, of course!

I contacted Laurel Ann Nattress (Jane Austen Made Me Do It and creator of Austenprose blog) and Shannon Winslow (The Darcys of Pemberley) and suggested we meet at my house in Seattle as it is centrally located. It also seemed like it would be more fun and relaxing to meet at someone’s home rather than a restaurant. Along the way, we also added Christina Dudley (The Beresfords) and Katherine Reay (Dear Mr. Knightley) to the party. Everyone contributed something yummy to the potluck lunch.

Coconut Cake

Of special note was Laurel’s made-from-scratch coconut cake! Wow!

A few of us had met before, but none of us had met Meredith in person. I guess having a love of Jane Austen in common made getting to know each other easy. There was never a lag in the conversation. During lunch, we each told about how we “met” Jane Austen and how we came to write an Austen-inspired book. It was fun to hear everyone’s stories – so different and yet so similar!

Sunflowers from Meredith

Several hours later, we parted knowing each other much better and also feeling inspired to go home and get busy writing!

For more about our lunch, here’s a link to the write-up on Christina’s blog.

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4 Responses to An “Austenesque” Lunch

  1. You girls are putting me to shame with your prompt blog posts. My excuse for not writing one myself is 2-fold. 1) I was too busy working on the new book, and 2) Mine would be redundant, since you and Christina have done the job so well already! (There, I’m officially off the hook.)

  2. Yay! A table pic and the coconut cake! Thanks again, Susan. Your place was indeed much nicer than a restaurant.

  3. What a lovely write-up! I so enjoyed our afternoon together, thank you everyone for such a lovely time!!

  4. Susan says:

    Meredith – It was delightful to meet you! It was a very special to see some old friends and make new ones, too.

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