Northwest Bookfest 2012

Shannon Winslow, Jenni James, Laurel Ann Nattress, Susan Mason-Milks

The Northwest Bookfest in Kirkland, Washington, this past weekend was my first big book promotional event. Fortunately, I had three other amazing writers with me at the Austenesque Authors’ booth – Laurel Ann Nattress, Shannon Winslow, and Jenni James.

Aren't we a fabulous couple?

Our portrait of Jane Austen was lovely but what really grabbed the attention was our poster of Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. We asked nearly everyone who walked by if they would like us to take a picture of them with Mr.Darcy. Who could resist, right? We got four categories of responses:

1) No interest at all

2) Who the heck is he?

3) Claimed no interest but we could tell that they were secretly intrigued by the idea

4) Said “yes” immediately!

"Oh, Mr. Darcy," said Shannon Winslow.

For the benefit of those who looked interested but reluctant, I pulled out my iPad and shamelessly showed them the picture we’d taken of me with Mr. Darcy. Sometimes that was all it took to sway them. I guess just seeing that we were willing to risk looking a little silly and have some fun with Mr. Darcy persuaded them to do the same.

Other highlights include a visit from my son and daughter-in-law who had just returned from their honeymoon and a chat with a co-worker whom I hadn’t seen since 1996. There was also the lovely woman who said she’d read my book (and Shannon’s too). I think she was the first person other than friends and family who’s told me that! What a great feeling! I also loved talking to people who are just as devoted to books as I am.

Mostly, what stands out in my mind from the weekend is all the fun the four of us had together. We talked and laughed and shared from our hearts. We’re all very different writers, but our love of Jane Austen brought us together. Seriously! I like to think that somewhere, somehow Jane actually did bring us together for a very special weekend I’ll never forget.

There are some ideas flying around for a future collaboration of the literary kind. Stay tuned!
Please follow these links to more about the bookfest and more pictures on the blogs of my friends – Laurel Ann Nattress, Shannon Winslow and Jenni James.

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  1. Lovely post, Susan. I’ll always remember that weekend fondly for all the laughs we had. And yes, Jane brings people together!

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