What Makes Darcy Tick?

I’m guest blogging today on Darcyholic Diversions talking about what makes Darcy tick. He’s a complex and fascinating man who’s not so easy to get to know. So who is Fitzwilliam Darcy underneath all those intense looks and frowns?

“…Darcy is a gentleman in the best sense of the word. As such, he is a loving brother, a loyal friend, and concerned landlord. He’s also honest…In terms of his personality, he is an introvert. He sees things logically and literally and is a bit of a control freak.” – from blog post on Darcyholic Diversions

I’ve also included a scene from the last chapter of Mr. Darcy’s Proposal that shows how after getting to know Elizabeth better, Darcy learns to tease her back in his own unique way.

In case you’re not familiar with Darcyholic Diversions, it’s a blog dedicated to all things Darcy – for those who are addicted and don’t want a cure! Barbara Tiller Cole started the blog just this winter and it’s been a great success. You might also want to check out the Facebook page for Darcyholic Diversions: All Things Austen Posting Board.


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