Get More Darcy for the Holidays!

…And who doesn’t need more Darcy for the holidays or for any time for that matter. This week brings not one but two great reviews of Mr. Darcy’s Proposal.

The first was on My Little Corner of the World by Erlynn who says, “Is something wrong with me? I have no idea why I love having my heart wrenched inside-out every time Darcy and Elizabeth misunderstand or verbally abuse one another, but I love it and this novel provided plenty of it!” The conflict between Darcy and Elizabeth and the sparks that fly have always been a big part of what makes these two characters so fascinating. She also says, “…although the book is lengthy, it flies by because the dialogue is fast paced and aggressive.”

Indie Jane gives it four out of five stars. The reviewer, Jess, calls it “…a strong and fully realized alternate path for Pride and Prejudice.” Jess also says, “Mr. Darcy’s Proposal is very well written and I think will be a favorite with many Austenesque readers for its sensitive and touching treatment of Mr. Darcy.” This review includes a book giveaway – both print and ebook. So if you’d like a little to kick back over the holidays and lose yourself in a new Pride and Prejudice what-if story, check out Indie Jane for the rules on entering to win. It’s open until December 19th and it’s easy!

My thanks to both of these ladies for their excellent and thoughtful reviews!

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