Mr. Darcy’s Propoal-5 Weeks in Top 100 Regency Romance

Mr. Darcy’s Proposal has been in the top 100 of Regency Romances on Kindle for five weeks! It’s been as high as #41 in this category and for several weeks, was in the top 2,000 of all Kindle paid downloads. I’m thrilled and honored that Mr. Darcy’s Proposal has been so popular with readers.

To celebrate, here’s a little vignette from Chapter Eleven of the book. It takes place as Elizabeth is showing Darcy up to her father’s sick room so Darcy can ask Mr. Bennet’s permission to marry her. If you haven’t read the book, you’ll want to keep in mind that Elizabeth isn’t thrilled by his proposal but has accepted for the sake of her family’s welfare.

…The stairs were wide enough so they could ascend side by side, and part way up he caught her hand and held it.

“Mr. Darcy, please,” she said, attempting to pull her hand away.

“Please what?” He grinned at her, still refusing to release her hand. Seeing his dimpled grin and the way he looked at her nearly undid Elizabeth, and she blushed deeply.

“Please release my hand, sir. We are not yet formally engaged, and someone might see us.”

“May I not hold your hand to give me courage to speak with your father?” he said with mock seriousness.

“I really think you must give it back to me as it is not yet yours.”

“But now is when I need it.”

“So let me see if I understand,” said Elizabeth boldly teasing him back. “You need my hand in order to ask for it, but you may not have it until you have asked. Now that is something of a conundrum, sir.”

Before Darcy could respond, they reached Mr. Bennet’s door and Elizabeth knocked. “Papa, Mr. Darcy is here to speak to you. Are you feeling well enough?”

“Yes, my dear. Show him into my lair.” Although his voice was weak, at least he still retained his sense of humor.

When she opened the door, Darcy who still had not relinquished her hand squeezed it gently and walked past her into the room closing the door behind him. Elizabeth stood in the hallway wishing she could hear what they were saying, but she did not want to be caught listening. After pacing in the hallway for a few minutes, she reluctantly made her way back to the parlor to wait.

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